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Bringing Nature Inside Your Apartment

In the previous post I brought up plants that help purify your apartment's air. Plants are not the only thing you can bring inside your home. Did you know you can bring nature inside your home as well? Not exactly the whole forest and an exact replica of a placid stream a few blocks away from your apartment, but it’s the idea and benefits of nature that you can bring inside the comfort of your home.

If you are going to consult Google for pictures on bringing nature inside your home, you will probably get images of tree branches, shrubs, or whatnot inside your home, which can be a little messy, by the way. Lucky for you, this blog post is here to direct you to a more practical path without rooting around and disrupting nature. Here are tips to transform your space into a nature friendly sanctuary.

Consider Potted Plants

As discussed previously, different potted plants provide different benefits. From vitamins and minerals to purifying your home’s air, you name it, your favorite potted plant can probably do it. Potted plants are practically a decorating mainstay for every home, and it is definitely for a good reason. Potted plants are incredibly accessible design concepts in terms of bringing nature inside your home.

If you’re not to keen on the idea of having real plants inside your apartment, you can choose faux plants. From faux flowers to faux leafy greens. It’s definitely less mess and less stress since you no longer need to care for these plants. They’re also cheaper to maintain, too! Just make sure to choose those that look as natural as the real thing. Many stores stock these kind of plants for display.

Natural Building Materials

If you have the budget and are itching to do some remodeling, then you may want to consider taking a look at natural building materials such as naturally cut stone or knotted wood. Natural wood grain textures work well for accent walls, flooring, and some pieces of furniture, while naturally cut stones look great in mosaic paneling, and accent walls. The swirling designs of marble can also provide a classic look to countertops or flooring.

Choosing The Right Wall Art

It is truly possible to bring the outdoors inside your apartment without incorporating anything from the outdoors at all -- large wall arts depicting nature can do a great job as well. With wall art, the sky's the limit. You can choose tapestries that showcase nature in its full glory. Large-scale, high-definition photography that truly captures scenes like waterfalls, fields, and hiking trails. Shadow boxes that contains pre-curated items from nature like preserved leaves, unique rocks, seashells, starfish can also get the job done. Taxidermy is not an option, but you can choose photos of animals, seasonal changes, plant life close-ups, and have them placed inside small, elegant frames.

Choosing The Right Color Scheme

You can opt for a color scheme that is really close to nature in color to add life and vibrancy to your indoor space. Choose greens and earthy tones that make use of various brown shades. The color green strongly depicts nature and not to mention, is easy on the eyes. When your eyes feel tired from staring into your laptop the whole day, you can look at your green walls to give to give your eyes rest. Green is not only known for its great healing power, but it also is known for improving vision.

If green is not your color, you can go for bright blues and white, or even oceanic tones like teal and aqua.

Embracing and incorporating natural elements in your apartment may feel intimidating. With these tips, you can capture the great outdoors and essence of nature without all the hassle (and without the mess!).

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