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How To Be The Perfect Party Host (Even Living In An Apartment)

Have you ever wanted to throw a grand party at your apartment but you're not quite sure how the limited space your apartment offers will be able to handle a crowd?

While it’s a tough problem that needs careful planning and scrutiny, being able to throw an eventful party is not impossible even if you live in an apartment. While it is true that ‘true hospitality’ is subtle, sometimes pulling out a trick or two is something that you need to be able to throw that party. Here are practical tips to help you organize the party of the century, that will probably make you a legend among your friends when it comes to hosting parties.

Preparing The Place

Ideally, a good party really starts with having a good place. Your apartment need not to be big to have fun, you just need to tweak a few little things to set the mood.

One of the most important things that we have to consider is the cleanliness of our place. Consider the fact that some of your guests may be allergic to dust or are particular with cleanliness. The last thing we want is people talking behind your back, branding you as a total slob because of certain cleanliness issues that went awry.

Setting the mood also goes with preparing the place. While we can’t please everyone, it is probably a good idea to set your guests expectations. Asking them what they want to have in your party will also help, too. That way, you can cater to everyone’s needs.

Creating Space

While living in an apartment certainly has its pros and cons, one of the cons is probably the limited floor space. While it may not be necessary, moving furniture around can be a pretty good idea. You can push some of the furniture to the walls to create more floor space.

If your guests decide that they want to dance, having a makeshift dance floor can be a good idea. The extra floor space can also be used if your guests want to sit around and mingle. Just toss some throw pillows onto the floor and you already have a cozy mingling area where your guests can meet new friends.

Likewise, if you have storage rooms where you can stash some of your things for the time being (or while the party is running in full blast), that will certainly help.

Compensate For Small Things

Though throwing a party while living in an apartment space can be quite limiting, you can make up for the ‘lost space’ by making up with the small things. For instance, you can go big with the decorations or go fancy with the utensils. You can also choose to make up for it by giving nice giveaways.

Your party doesn’t need to be remembered because of the limited floor space. In fact, you can turn the tables around by being remembered because of the small things you were able to provide as a party host.

Have Food Readily Available And Ready To Go

I’m not really sure if you can call it a party without good food. Have food readily available once your guests arrive. Please take note of your guests’ dietary needs. If your bestfriend Johnny is vegan, then please have vegan food readily available. Comfort is important when having guests over. I’m not sure it will be a great idea to have Johnny starve the whole night just because he has certain dietary restrictions.

Also, since food is where and how most people bond, it is probably expected that a number of your guests will be hanging around in the kitchen (just because this is where some of the foods can be found). Having food ready and served by the time your guests arrive is a good way to keep them busy, comfortable, and have your kitchen ready anytime for use.

At the end of the day, you need not to have a big space to host a party or expensive food to feed your guests, what is important is that you and your guests had a really good time.

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