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5 Things to Get Rid of When Downsizing to an Apartment

Everyone has it, and 'it' is stuff. Americans are hoarding more items in their homes now than ever before. A simple look around your town is evidence of this. How many self-storage facilities do you see? Downsizing is a very difficult task for most of us because we do not want to get rid of our things.

The following is a list of items that you can get rid of starting today -- before you begin the moving process.


For the Millennial generation, this may be a non issue. For those who are further down the age line, this could be a very big deal. Many older adults feel the need to hang on to certain tangible goods. This makes them feel as though they truly own these items.

For example, there are some people who will burn their CD's to their computer and still decide to keep the CD's. They consider the CD's as an 'insurance policy' or backup in case something happens to their computer.

Fortunately, books, movies, and music can now be saved in the cloud. This means that there is no longer a need to hang on the physical items, and it also eliminates the fear of losing the information if something happens to an electronic device. The cloud can be accessed at any time on any device.

Kitchen Items

Unless you have a large family to feed, there are likely some kitchen gadgets and items you can get rid of. Not convinced? Simply look in your cabinets and search for the items you only use once every year.

For example, do you only use your fondue set during the holidays? Instead, borrow one from someone else when you are ready to make fondue. Have you only used the bread maker once? Give it away and learn how to bake bread in your oven instead. If you have items stored away in closets or out of reach, you are not using them enough to justify keeping them.

Accessories and Knick Knacks

How many paintings do you have hanging on your walls? By freeing some wall space, you may feel less cluttered in your home. Keep only one focal point on each wall. Use the same strategy for your mantle, tables, and shelves.

Clothing and Shoes

There is a reason why people tend to hang on to clothes they are no longer wearing. Maybe they want to lose those last 10 pounds, or it is a t-shirt from their Caribbean vacation they want to keep to remind them of that special vacation. Whatever the reason, chances are there are some clothes you can get rid of and never miss.

If you have clothes or shoes you have not worn in a year, get rid of them. If they are gently used, you can try selling them online or donate them to Goodwill.

Second Chance Items/Hand Me Downs

This can a sensitive subject especially if the items have sentimental value. It can be difficult to part with items from cherished family members if they have passed away. However, you can scan documents and take pictures of the physical items to help hold onto your memories while also clearing space.

It may not be easy for you to start downsizing. However, when you are ready to move into an apartment, use this checklist to help you part with the excess items in your life.

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