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5 Ways To Lower Your Apartment Heating Bill

Every winter it's the same story, you turn up the heat because you want to keep your family comfortable, and then find discover you have to pay a small fortune for your heating bill.

Here are 5 easy ways to help lower your apartment heating bill this winter.

1. Wear Layers

Studies have shown that if you dress in layers you can turn the heat down a few degrees.

Consider wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt under a sweatshirt or sweater. While women can wear leggings under heavier pants, men can consider two layers on the bottom half as well. And don't forget about your feet. Maybe switch to wool socks in those nice warm slippers.

2. Use A Programmable Thermostat

Put technology to work for you if you're permitted to make this adjustment in your space. You can set these to turn up the heat just before you wake up and then again shortly before you get home from work. This allows you to keep the heat lower when you don't need it. You'll find that you're spending less by using a programmable thermostat in your apartment. 

3. Don't Put As Much Heat Into Unused Rooms

While it may seem common sense, many don't do this. Close the heating vents in unused rooms so that you are only heating the ones that you'll be in. If you have a spare bedroom, a laundry room, or any other unused or seldom used room, close the door and place a draft blocker at the bottom of the door. This way the room is sealed off preventing cold air drafts from entering the rest of your apartment. 

4. Invest In Heavy Blinds Or Drapes

Heavier blinds or drapes can help to keep the heat in the house and the cold outside where it belongs. Just close the heavy blinds or drapes when it's coldest, certainly at night. It's amazing how easy it is to use drapery or blinds to keep the cold out. If you have a southerly exposure, open them on sunny days to let some of the heat in.

5. Check For Drafts

Light a candle and put it near windows and walls to find out if there are any air leaks. If there is an air leak the candle light will flicker or go out. Check the entire house for air leaks and if you do have any, consider some insulation tape or a draft blocker to help stop that cold air from pushing into your apartment. (Or use this cool thermal leak detector to accomplish the same thing in a more techno way!)

Following these tips will help you to stay warmer in your apartment this winter and lower your heating bill. You don't have to freeze just because it's winter if you use these easy to follow tips. You'll save on your heating bill, and perhaps you'll stop the rest of your family from complaining that it's too cold all the time.

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