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7 Tips For Hosting A Party In Your Apartment

In the olden days of the 50s and 60s, people expected a housewife to be able to host a party. Those days are in the distant past.

Today, if you want to host a party, it can be rather difficult. And, if you rent an apartment, this is especially true. Party planning when you're in an apartment is particularly difficult when space is limited.

Fortunately, you can do a few simple things that will help out a lot. Most of these are rather easy as well. Here are 7 tips to get you started.

1. Clean Your Front Closet

Does it seem pointless to clean out the space behind a door? Perhaps, but doing this can make a big difference. First of all, it helps you get rid of stuff you don't need. By taking this one step, you make your apartment feel bigger, but that's not the only benefit.

This emptier closet gives your guest a place where they can put their stuff when they arrive. This allows you to preserve more of your open space for entertaining. Often times, people will have guest put their jackets on a bed in the bedroom. If, instead, they can hang their coats in the closet, the bedroom becomes available for guest overflow.

2. Move Your Furniture

If you have enough space you can try moving your furniture into different spots. For example, get the couch out of the main seating area and bring in only chairs. You'll be able to fit more people that way. Or, you might push the dining room table up against a wall to give guest more floor space.

3. Be Careful With Decorations

Sometimes you might be tempted to put decorations all over the apartment. They can be fun to look at or even conversation pieces. But if space is already tight, put them away. Too many things lying around will give your place a more closed-in feel and people might get the impression that you have a lot of clutter.

4. Use Natural Lighting

If the sun is shining, get natural light coming through the windows as much as possible. This makes the space feel more comfortable. Of course you don't want people sitting in darkness, so use your electric lights when needed. If appropriate you can also use other sources of natural light such as candles or a fireplace if available.

5. Distribute The Food

When there is a common area for food and drinks, guests will typically stand around that area. This will make your apartment feel much more small and cramped. Instead, if you spread around the refreshments, your guests will mingle to different food stations. The apartment will feel more open and people won't spend all their time in one location.

6. Pay Attention To Temperature

As you add more people into your apartment, it can get rather hot and uncomfortable. If it's summer, be sure your air conditioner can handle it. If it's winter, turn down the thermostat. But, stay aware of the temperature in case you have to make any adjustments. For example, as guests start leaving on a cold night, you might have to turn the thermostat back up.

7. Involve Your Neighbors

If you are thinking of throwing an epic event, and you have a good relationship with neighbors, see if they would like to join you in hosting. This way you can use both of the apartments to spread out the food and drinks. Doing this gives you double the space. Of course, this works best when you neighbors are close by, such as right across the hall or the adjacent door. Guests won't travel between apartments unless it's easy enough to do so.

Yes, hosing a good party can be stressful. And the stress is worse if you feel as though your apartment doesn't have enough space. So use these tips to open up space and increase comfort levels. Doing this might take a bit more effort, but your guests will appreciate it and have good memories of your event.

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