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Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Apartment

As the Christmas season approaches, you'd probably like to decorate your apartment to reflect some of that good holiday cheer.

Since you don't have an entire house to work with, you may want to consider Christmas decorating ideas for an apartment that won't look cluttered and will reflect your good taste. And, since you live in a multi-family dwelling, you may need to focus on safety rules more than people who live in single-family houses.

Things to Consider For Christmas Decorating

The first things you may want to consider are using safe, frugal, and space-saving decorations.

Safety First

One thing to keep in mind is safety. The holiday season from about Halloween until New Year's Day is actually the time that the most home fires get started. Some of this comes from cooking, but some comes from holiday decorations. For instance, candles make lovely decorations, but you should be really careful about lighting them when you will remain available to supervise. This is especially true if you have children or pets. You might even consider purchasing some of those electric candles that look decorative but aren't so likely to start a fire. 

What About Your Tree?

Also, you're probably better off with a small, synthetic tree than a large natural one. For one thing, you may not have a lot of space for a large tree in your apartment. Of course, you can find synthetic trees that are also fire resistant, and you can't say the same thing about drying pine needles. It's often best to enjoy natural trees outside in their natural environment and bring a synthetic tree inside. Besides, it's also a frugal choice because you can pack up your synthetic tree to use again next year. 

Decorating Your Balcony

If you have a balcony or porch, you might want to spruce it up for the holidays to share your cheer with neighbors. If your housing complex allows, you might string some electric lights across the railing. You can also buy affordable, inflatable decorations, like snowmen, Santa Claus, and even Nativity Scenes. The good thing about decorations like these is that they are easy to pack up between holiday seasons. 

Decorating Windows

Another fun idea is to decorate your windows. You can do this in a few different ways: 

  • You can purchase acrylic decals that you can easily stick on your windows and then peel off in January. 
  • You can buy washable paint to add your own unique touch to your windows. 
  • You can buy a small, electric lighted decoration to place on your window sill so your neighbors can see it at night. 
Decorating An Apartment Can Be Fun

The best advice is to consider safety and ease of storage afterwards. A few touches that reflect your own style and the message of the season are usually the best. Your apartment complex may also have rules about decorations, so you should be sure to abide by those to avoid any problems with the management.

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