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No Air Conditioning? Here's How to Beat The Summer Heat

Summer is already here, and it's time to get out and have fun in the sun. However, if you have to spend time indoors, you need a good working air conditioner.

If you live here at Serafino Square, your apartment comes with central air conditioning and onsite maintenance staff to keep it working all summer long!

But what if you're trying to reduce your energy bills or you are living in an environment where the A/C breaks down?

Here are some tricks to make sure you don't roast indoors...

Cotton Clothing And Bedding

Yes, you can expect the sun to be too hot during the day, but don't forget it might get more uncomfortable at night. If you want to sleep well, you need to invest in cotton bedding.

Additionally, it might help if your clothes are made out of cotton too. It's the best fabric for the hot summer days and nights because it is breathable and allows proper ventilation (airflow).

Stick Your Bed Sheets In The Freezer

Do you want to feel comfortable during the night? Well, try sticking your bed sheets in the freezer for a while before going to bed. Of course, you need to pack them in a plastic bag first to keep them dry. They won't stay cold the whole night long, but you will get some cold breeze off them to make you fall asleep faster.

Loose Clothes

Of course, if you're wearing your heavy wardrobe in the house during this period, you're bound to get roasted. Therefore, you need to stay as loose as possible. Wear loose cotton shirts, underwear, shorts, and pants. When you're going to bed, make sure your pajamas are cotton too and have as few clothes on as possible to avoid the summer heat.

Create A Cross Breeze

If your A/C isn't giving you the satisfaction you need, buy as many fans as possible and put them in every corner of your house or rooms. When you're sitting in the cross breeze, it should be easier to sit comfortably. That way, you can count on cool air coming from every direction of your house.

Proper Hydration

You need to drink a lot of water during these hot months to make sure you're properly hydrated. Have some water before going to bed too. Since you might be tossing and turning during the night because of the heat, you should expect some dehydration. Therefore, you can beat it by drinking lots of water or placing a pitcher of water beside your bed to drink in the middle of the night.

You should also consider taking lots of cold showers during this time because it will reduce your body's core temperature allowing you to remain cool all day and night long.

Turn Off Lights

If your light bulbs are on, you're increasing the amount of heat in that specific room. Therefore, you need to turn them off as long as possible, and turn them on only when necessary. 

With these amazing tips, staying indoors in the hot summer heat should be much more comfortable!

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