Spring Is Here !
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Spring Is Here !

May 2020 Newsletter

Well, it’s May. Officially May. It doesn’t really feel like May, but it is a relief to know we made it through April and hopefully with the change of the month will also come changes in how we have been living our lives.  Our amazing cleaning crew has been diligently cleaning all common areas and our maintenance staff has done an outstanding job at taking care of work orders and the complex while practicing social distancing. Thank you to everyone who has been taking the necessary precautions to try to flatten the curve. Honestly speaking, it has been a lot harder than I could have even imagined, but I have been trying to remain positive and trust that everything we have been doing is and will make a difference.

With the Stay at Home Order extended until May 26th, we will still be following the Governor’s orders and will be keeping the fitness rooms closed. If before the order is up, we feel like we could safely open the rooms back up, we will do so. We are also going to stay on our May Maintenance schedule of changing A/C Filters and Garage Washing. The dates are listed on the following page. We are still hoping to be able to open the pool by Memorial Day weekend, so our guys will also be getting it up and ready. With the weather warming up, getting outside, going on walks, sitting in one of the courtyards, just getting some fresh air is so important and a great way to mentally recharge. I hope everyone has stayed healthy and safe during this time. Thank you to everyone who has helped to play a part in keeping the world moving.

Community Reminders:

Memorial Day is May 25th. Our leasing office will be closed on Sunday, May 24th and Monday, May 25th. If you have a maintenance issue, you can call our answering service at 414-771-3628.

With everyone doing extra grocery shopping and buying items in bulk, please remember to return grocery carts to the garages. Please do not leave them in the hallways, outside your apartment door, or next to an elevator. Please return them to where you got them from.

Sendiks still has their morning hours from 7am to 8am available to shoppers over 60 as well as online ordering and curbside pickup. Target, Wal-Mart, Trader Joes and Costco all have senior shopping hours on Tuesday-Thursdays in the AM.

Lots of local Wauwatosa restaurants have great curbside menus available online. Some of my favorites are Aliotos, Maggiano’s and Lalli’s. Check out their available menu options on their websites. Simma’s Bakery has the best bakery available daily. For donut lovers, you can pre order a box of   “Tosa famous” donuts from Cranky Al’s that comes with donuts, glazes, and toppings to decorate at home. Ruckus and Glee is another great local family owned toy shop, who has been hit hard and would be happy to have your business. Check out their website for games, puzzles, toys, nostalgic toys, anything you can think of, they have!   Click on any of the LINKs below:







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