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Steps To Hosting An Open House Thanksgiving Party

You have been anticipating the traditional Thanksgiving food menu all year long. The turkey, casserole of sweet potatoes, and the pumpkin pie with whipped cream. It's going to be delicious!

But this year, you have to host! Having your extended family and friends over at your apartment on this day may be tricky. It may be worse especially if most of them are married with kids which adds the number of people you should be planning for. The best way to do this is to have an open house Thanksgiving party for everyone to fit. Here are some of the ways to organize this event...

Choose The Time

The best part about an open house is that it is a come and go event with a time that has been set. It is not like the regular parties we are used to where people show up at the same moment, and you have your house filled until the next morning. You could choose the time that works for you such as a lunch event or maybe late in the afternoon. Be clear on the invitations about the time that the guests should arrive. You could invite as many people as possible since with these parties people come in for a short time before they go to another party or other commitments.

Plan The Menu

People will expect Thanksgiving food. You could outsource this cooking in case it is strenuous for you to do it all. It is a good idea since you do not want your guests finding you washing the dishes on the day of the party. You could do a lunch or dinner buffet for the visitors. The best thing to do is to designate a three to four hour window for lunch and also for supper. It will prevent food from getting cold.

Make Your Apartment Interesting To Hang Out In

There is nothing as bad as going to a boring party. Your party needs to make people ease up. Ensure that there is some good Thanksgiving music that the whole family will appreciate.Ensure that the environment is conducive for people to mingle. You could arrange some cozy places in the apartment for people to sit and talk.

Give Kids Something They Can Do

You are sure to have a lot of kids over at the Thanksgiving party. Including them in the celebrations is a good idea and will make them not feel excluded. It will also add fun to the event. You could give them activities that keep them busy yet entertained. You could prepare some games for them to engage in while the adults mingle. You could also leave them under the care of a responsible teenager who could play with them at the festivities.

Hosting an open house Thanksgiving party may seem to be a difficult task but that is not the case. By following the points above and being sure of yourself, you are certain to have a fantastic party that your family will keep talking about for the whole year.

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