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The Best Plants For Your Apartment Home

People living in suburban and rural  areas often have large yards which can be great for outdoor plants. However, if you're living in an apartment, you don't have that option. You will have to keep your plants indoors. If you really enjoy the grass and trees, be sure to find an apartment that has a nice outdoor setting. But, regardless of the setting, you ought to add some plants to your own environment.

Plants are important because they will help clean the air in your apartment while simultaneously adding to the visual appearance of any room. And, though plants require some care, many people view this activity as relaxing, possibly even meditative. 

However, before you can enjoy the benefits of your indoor plants, you have to select the right plants. There are many options available when it comes to adding a bit of green to your space, regardless of your lifestyle and furnishings. One bit of advice, before you buy any plants though, be certain that you are willing to follow the care instructions for each plant. They're not nice to look at if they're dead!

Air Plants

If you don't have plant experience, or think you might not have a green thumb, then air plants might be your first choice. These plants do not require much work at all since they pull water out of the air. It's difficult to screw up with air plants because they easily remain healthy and attractive. You can select several air plants and put them together in an area. You can really hang them on just about anything, even working them into your existing decor. For example, if you have a painting of the outdoors, you could place an air plant on the frame.


Succulents are another group of plants that don't need much care. But they do require more attention than air plants. Cacti and aloe vera are a couple popular examples of succulents, but all plants that store water in their leaves are succulents. You can place various colorful succulents into wide, flat bowls to create small garden areas. This can be a nice centerpiece on a coffee table or fill an empty space on a book shelf. Another idea is to use a few small planters and stagger them across a small shelf or up and down on multiple shelves.

Herb Garden

If you like cooking, an indoor herb garden can be a nice way to spruce up the kitchen. A windowsill filled with herbs looks good on its own, but you can even get creative with the appearance. For example, lavender and rosemary can easily be clipped into small topiary designs. Actually, almost any herb that has woody branches can be shaped into a box, ball, or some other design. If you're really ambitious you can add a wire frame and grow your herbs into more complex shapes.


Bamboo has been increasing in popularity recently. Of course, you cannot grow tall stalks of bamboo in an apartment. However, you can take advantage of small planters with bamboo in them. They are a great choice for enhancing the ambiance of your apartment, and they are supposed to boost your luck and spirit too, so there's another bonus.

Though this is not a definitive list of potential plants, these suggestions offer a good place to start. Each of these options requires very little care relative to the enhancement of your living space (unless you create topiary designs). Once you have some plants worked into your indoor environment, you will be pleased at the result.

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