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Winter Apartment-Living Tips

Typically this time of year in the Milwaukee area is tremendously cold. Our Wisconsin winter has been mild but don’t let Mother Nature fool you! The cold and snow is going to come soon. Preparing yourself for some colder days is beneficial for your energy bill, your health, and your everyday routine.

Extra time spent inside means more messes around your home. Adjusting your cleaning and adding a few new cleaning tips are great to keep it tidy and germ free. A magic eraser does wonders in your bathroom or kitchen. To clean your tub, walk in shower, sink, wet bar, or any other apartment amenity you have, use a liquid cleaner, soft sponge, and warm water. Do not use abrasive cleaners, metal pads, or ammonia; these types of cleaners will take off the finish. Another cleaning “trick” that will save you money on your electric bill has to do with your dryer filters! After each dry cycle you should always clean the lint filter in your dryer. Lint build-up makes a dryer work harder to dry your clothes causing extra energy use. Every six months you should clean your lint filter with hot, soapy water and a toothbrush. The wax on dryer sheets creates a translucent film on the mesh part of the filter. Water should be able to run right through it. You may not be able to see the buildup, but it is there! Cut costs on your energy bill this winter!

When Wisconsin snow starts to fall, sometimes it just won’t stop! Salt that was put on the driveways and sidewalks for safety can track into your apartment or get on your clothes and carpets. Salt causes stains and residue. Typically people wait until the Spring to get their carpets professionally cleaned. This is sometimes not ideal. During winter months, carpet companies can offer specials. Also, the longer you wait to get your carpets cleaned the longer the stains sit on the carpet making it harder for the professional to get out. If you aren’t convinced yet, carpets dry faster in lower humidity weather, so your carpets will be dry in no-time compared to the warmer months.

As the outside air temperatures drop so does the ability of air to hold humidity.  Thus cold surfaces like window glass will build up condensation if the humidity gets too high.  Use bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to help control high humidity levels when cooking and showering.   Excessive humidity can cause mold to grow in winter months.   Please refer to the scale below for safe indoor humidity levels in relation to the outside air temperature.



These few apartment tips will help winter go by a bit more smoothly. These few adjustments will also create an easier transition to the warmer months and Spring Cleaning. Get sick less, have a lower energy bill, and feel better in the place you call home this winter.

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