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Color Feng Shui to Enhance Your Home

Have you ever walked into a room and taken a look at the color scheme and thought, "wow!"? If so, you know how color can impact your home. Have you ever wanted to create a different color scheme for your home? If so, you may wish to take it to a different level by using feng shui. Feng shui utilizes the concept of how color can enhance the energy in your home. It can bring out balance and harmony to your home as well. You can choose vivid red to a soothing aqua and everything in between. Let's examine how each color can impact your home.


Red represents fire, and it's perhaps the strongest element of fire. It can bring out excitement and energy as well as joy. It's also considered to be a lucky color across various cultures. It's wise to use red in dining areas where it will aid in the digestion of meals, and it can also bring a sense of awakening. That is not always welcome, but can certainly be vital at breakfast time.


Associated with happiness, yellow can bring a happier atmosphere to any area in the home. It can create the sense of coziness and health, and it's perfect for a children's room. It can also elevate mental awareness so it's a good choice for a home office as well. Many say that it can also alleviate a headache. 


Blue is associated with peace and tranquility as well as calm. It represents water in feng shui and it comes in a variety of shades so you can select the one that offers you the most peace and serenity. It's free-flowing with energy and tranquility along with some contemplation, and it can aid in concentration. It's ideal in bathrooms to start the day in a calming way. 


Long associated with wealth, green also signifies growth and balance. Just as with yellow, it's an ideal option for the kitchen since it can nourish the health. It brings with it a sense of fresh energy and nature. Consider incorporating various shades of green to maximize the feng shui effects of the color. 


This is the color of royalty and mystery. Long associated as a symbol of prosperity, purple is another representation of fire. Purple has a high vibration, and it is ideal when used in moderation. Consider decorating sparingly by using purple in pillows, throws, or on a single wall. Purple is also healing so consider using it in meditative areas or healing areas of the home. 


Have you ever considered how calm and satisfied you feel in a white area? White has all of the colors. It's associated with purity and freshness and innocence. It represents the metal element and adds clarity to a home. 


If red is too strong for your desires, perhaps orange would work for you. Still the fire element, but it's toned down. It can give off the required feng shui to bring your home good times and to stimulate some lively discussion in your home.


Sometimes, it can be hard to select from so many colors. Gray incorporates neither black nor white but is a sophisticated color in between that gives off a character all its own. It reduces and eliminates distraction and represents the metal element. Again, use it as an accent color, and give your home some beauty and energy. 

Truthfully, there are many colors to choose from in your home and you can mix and match them as desired. This can help to balance the colors in your home and give your home balance that will set it apart from all other homes.

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