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5 Plants That Can Improve The Air Quality In Your Apartment

Are you worried about the quality of the air in your apartment, especially during the closed up winter months? If this is a concern for you, you might want to consider placing some plants in your apartment. These five plants are ideal for apartment dwellers, and they can help to keep the air you're breathing nice and clean.

1. Ficus 

A ficus plant doesn't have to be large; there are plenty of these plants that are small enough to fit on top of a desk. Because of this, these plants are a wonderful choice for people that live in smaller, more cramped apartments. While these plants aren't all that large, they're still a very good way to keep the air in your place clean. Since they're not that big, you might even be able to find room for more than one ficus plant in your apartment!

2. Rubber Plant 

This plant may sound like it's artificial, but it's actually a real plant. These plants get their name from their large, rubber-like leaves. These plants are great for apartment owners because they're so easy to care for. They're also a stellar way to improve the quality of the air in an enclosed space. Store one of these potted plants in your corner and your air will be cleaner in no time. 

3. Peace Lily 

If you want a plant that will add to your apartment's natural decor, the peace lily is going to be your best choice. These flowered plants are absolutely stunning, and they compliment a number of different styles. Even though these flowers are beautiful, they can still improve your air just as much as greener plants might. If you love the look of flowers, these are the sort of plant you want for your apartment. 

4. Dragon Tree 

If you have a larger apartment, and you'd like a plant with a commanding presence, why not try out a dragon tree? This plant can look a bit imposing, but it's definitely something that can improve the quality of the air around you. It's an easy plant to maintain, and it can help remove toxins such as trichloroethylene and xylene from your apartment. 

5. Spider Plant 

If you're not a fan of spiders, then you might not like the sound of the spider plant. Thankfully, these plants don't resemble real spiders at all. They're another smaller plant that can still do a lot to improve the air in a room. They're an especially good plant to place in a bedroom. 

One of the biggest advantages offered by the spider plant is that it can remove carbon monoxide from the air. Because of this, having a spider plant in your apartment could actually wind up saving your life. 

If you're worried about the quality of the air in your apartment, one of the best things that you can do is add a plant or two. All of the five plants that are listed above are apartment friendly, and every one of these plants can have a positive impact on the air that you're breathing in.

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