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Five Tips to Help You Make Friends At Your New Apartment

Moving into a new area and apartment can be quite overwhelming. Even if you are not moving that far, it can still feel a bit isolating. You became accustomed to always seeing the same people and places on a daily basis. Even if you did not always talk to everyone you saw, you noticed them here and there around your apartment building and surrounding areas. 

Perhaps even that noisy neighbor that irritated you or that cat lady that sat on the steps has now become something you miss. When this occurs, what can you do to change it? Here are five simple, yet effective ways to make friends in your new apartment building:

1. Introduce Yourself

Most people are no longer even aware of whom their neighbors are. This, however, is not a healthy habit. After all, you live in the same apartment building, and there may come a day in which you will need each other's assistance. This is why introducing yourself when you have moved in is a smart idea. This does not mean you have to do it the very same day. Take some time to get settled, and then stop by and knock on their door. Do not wait too long though; it may make you feel awkward after a while.

2. Be Friendly

Be as welcoming as you can to those who say hi in the passageways. Maybe even share a bit of small talk. If your apartment building has a doorman, make sure to greet him when you see him. If you are unsure how to approach the doorman, remember that they are great sources of information on all of those living in the building.

3. Explore the Nearby Areas

Become acquainted with your neighborhood, the restaurants, clubs, sporting venues, etc. You will not only become acquainted with the people running the businesses, you may also meet other people around there. If you have hobbies such as reading, stop by the local bookstore or library and see if any events are being held. This is also a great way to meet people who share the same interests as you.

4. Become a Regular

Look for a coffee shop nearby where you can study or work; is there a dive bar with great drink specials close buy? If there are some neighborhood spots near you, you can rest assured that there will also be a lot of neighborhood regulars frequenting the establishments. Spend some time hanging out these, and when you start seeing familiar faces often, strike up a conversion. In no time you will have at least a few new friends.

5. Search the Internet

If you are not sure about hitting the streets, then the least you can do is look into your neighborhood online. There are neighborhoods that have at least one website listing everything you may need, for example, take out food, gyms, and bars. If you find a spot that looks interesting, take a look for it next time you step out. 

These five simple tips can help you adjust to your new area and apartment and, in no time, even start making new friends.

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