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How To Effectively Declutter Your Apartment

Many people find the idea of living an uncluttered and simplified lifestyle appealing, but in order to get there, they need to learn how to declutter their apartments and get rid of stuff they don't need.

The reality is that decluttering is often easier said than done, and people have trouble knowing where to begin their transformation. Instead of focusing on all of the things you're going to be getting rid of or donating, think of what you're going to gain by having less stuff in your life.

Understandably, you can feel anxious and even stressed throughout the decluttering process, but here are a few of our best tips to help with your decision making.

Hold yourself to the rule of getting rid of one item per day

For some people, decluttering their apartments is overwhelming to do in one or two days, but if they choose to break it up and get rid of one item (that they no longer need) per day, it can make a world of difference.

When you wake up every morning, find an object that you no longer enjoy looking at or no longer need. This could be an article of clothing you haven't worn in a long time or simply an appliance that you happen to stumble across, but in any case, getting rid of 365 items per year is good for the soul.

Grab a simple household trash bag and fill it up

If getting rid of things one at a time isn't your style, you can quicken your pace by grabbing a trash bag and filling it with items that you can easily donate or throw away.

Going about the decluttering process one trash bag at a time makes it easier to digest how much you're really letting go of. As you become more prolific in your decluttering, you can grab larger trash bags or use more.

Focus on one area of your apartment at a time

Don't just make a mess of your apartment and start grabbing things randomly, but rather, methodically address different areas of your apartment that need to be decluttered.

For example, spend one day getting rid of what you don't need in your bedroom and move on to your living room. By choosing to focus on only one area at a time, you'll feel less overwhelmed and stressed.   

Use your imagination when making tough choices

Some items may have been with you for a few years and you've grown attached to them, which is of course understandable, but it also means that you'll have a harder time letting the item in question go.

Instead of forcing yourself to donate that object, give yourself the opportunity to look at it in a different way. Would you have bought this item if given the opportunity all over again? If so, how much would you have paid for it? Answering these questions can help you realize that you may not be as attached to the item as much as you thought you were.

Living a minimalist lifestyle includes letting go of certain things you've grown accustomed to owning over the years. Decluttering may be stressful for some people, but getting things out of the way can make you a happier and healthier person in the long run.

Hopefully, you can start looking at the items you own differently when considering the advice above.

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