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How to Decorate Your Apartment for Spring and Easter

With the onset of spring and Easter rapidly approaching it is fun to decorate your apartment. Florals, baskets, and Easter decorations bring the sense of spring and new beginnings.

Florals to Brighten your Apartment

Fresh flowers can beautify your apartment and add a pop of color to your living space. Easter lilies, tulips, and orchids are readily available and fill the room with hope and optimism.

Whether you purchase your florals from a florist or farmer’s market be sure to cut the stems off before placing them in a vase with cold water. If you are lucky to have access to a tulip garden, simply cut the tulip off and bring it inside to enjoy.

How to Display Baskets in Your Apartment

Baskets are a lovely way to decorate for spring. Not only can they help organize your life after spring cleaning, but they can display flowers, Easter eggs, bunnies, herb gardens, or succulents in them. Baskets can be used to decorate in any theme you choose.

Whether your apartment is decorated Country, Early American, or Shabby Chic, baskets fit in with any décor. Straw baskets, handmade, or Longaberger can all serve a purpose and their uses are limitless.

Easter Decorations for Your Apartment

Nothing says Easter more than pastel colors, Easter bunnies, colored eggs, and candy. Decorating your apartment for this wonderful holiday can be simple and easy. Swags that include cute bunnies, chicks, or eggs can be hung in the door ways, on the mantle of fireplaces, or above patio doors.

The pop of pastel colors draws the eye to these decorations and brings back childhood memories of Easter egg hunts and family together. Coloring a couple dozen eggs to display on your table can be fun and remind you of days gone by as well.

Easter egg coloring kits come in all different styles. Basic ones are simple and use a solid color from each color of the rainbow. Fancier kits allow you to tie dye your egg with beautiful colors and patterns.

Other Easter decorations include resin or ceramic Knick knacks, and many stuffed animals including bunnies, chicks, and lambs. You can decorate your Easter dinner table with butter in the shapes of lambs, cute Easter themed salt and pepper shakers, as well as the colorful Easter eggs you have dyed.

With just a little effort your apartment can look as “springy” inside as outside. It is fun to change up the look of your living space with each season and holiday throughout the year. Be creative!

Use your imagination and look to florals and baskets along with other designs to come up with new decorating ideas. By making just a few changes to your décor, you can beautify your apartment and put a spring in your step!

Have a Safe and Happy Easter Everyone!

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