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Workouts Designed for Apartment Living

When living in an apartment it can be difficult to get in a good workout at home considering the space restrictions and the chance of making too much noise for the occupants below you. There are many simple workouts that can be done that are refreshing and do not cause any disturbances. Some options are yoga, low impact circuits, and resistance band training.

Yoga in Your Apartment

Yoga is defined as an ascetic discipline that includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Many individuals practice yoga for health reasons and relaxation. This age old exercise increases your strength and flexibility.

This is a great workout option for apartment living because yoga is just settling into different stances and there is minimal to no noise created with that. It is easy to create your own series of poses that will work out the body parts you want to focus on.

There are also many different yoga videos available online that you can follow along with in order to get in that perfect workout.

Low-Impact Circuits for Apartment Living

Not all great workouts have to include jumping. This can be noisy and disrupt other tenants around you. A great option to focus on instead would be exercises that involve just your body weight.

Squatting with a towel, planks, side planks, push-ups, sit ups, stretching, crunches, wall sits, calf raises, etc. are all great ways to increase your strength and flexibility without disturbing tenants living around you. Searching low-impact circuit workouts on line will give you a number of great workouts to choose from.

Resistance Band Training for Apartment Dwellers

Another great exercise for those living in an apartment is resistance band training. When doing resistance band training, the force that is utilized in the band is what gives you the workout. You will need to use a resistance band to accompany certain moves that resist your pull motions.

There are many different size options for the resistance bands. The thinner ones will have less resistance while the thicker ones will have more. A great way to use a resistance band would be if you are doing curls. The muscles in your back will be getting a workout along with your biceps.

Other ways to use a resistance band would be to tie it to a door and work the muscles in your arms, put it around your ankles and walk sideways in a squatting position to help your leg muscles. Band training makes you stronger by using resistance.


As you can see, you can still work out in your apartment without having to go to a gym or have a gym membership. Staying in shape can be easy and effective without disturbing the tenants living below or next to you.

We all know working out and getting 30 minutes of exercise everyday has many health benefits and makes us feel better in general. During the winter months when it is hard to get outside, these kinds of exercises can be very beneficial. Low impact strength training can help everyone stay in shape. Try some of these exercises, and feel better!

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