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How to Keep an Organized Apartment

Need a Fresh start for fall? Declutter your home and instantly feel less stressed! Keeping a clean and organized apartment can be hard sometimes with the hustle and bustle of this fasted paced world. Having an organized home reduces stress and anxiety making it easier to enjoy your cozy home to the fullest. A couple of rules to always follow:

Rule 1: Have a declutter, deep clean, and organize session (in that order!) scheduled four times a year. This reorganization time you make for your apartment is best to do before each season starts. You may have the closet space for it, but you don’t need to keep summer clothes in a closet year-round. Air-tight bins to store your off-season clothes are great to clear up space. While you are going through the “end of the season” clothing, get rid of any clothes you didn’t wear all season. If you didn’t wear it all summer, most likely you won’t wear it next summer.

Take this concept of decluttering the closet to all parts of your home. Things you have not used during the latest season should go. You will thank yourself later.

This rule doesn’t just pertain to clothes, go through all closets and discard anything you haven’t used recently. Now that there is cleared space, it will make it easier to clean. You can now see areas in your home that you haven’t seen in a while. Wipe it down.

Rule 2: Before putting anything new into a space, closet, or cabinet, it needs to be cleaned and wiped down. Always start fresh! This rule is crucial!

Rule 3: Be sure to consult your manuals while cleaning appliances or floors to make sure you are using the correct chemicals. 

After decluttering and getting rid of a few things, hopefully you feel like you have more space in your apartment that you didn’t have before. The hardest part is done! Next, make time for a deep clean. This isn’t the hardest task, but it’s the most time consuming. Deep cleaning can overall help the look, smell, and feel of your home. You will naturally fell more relaxed. Pull out the cleaning products and get into the corners that the Swiffer doesn’t do the best job reaching. If you do a deep clean four times a year, it actually gets easier and easier as time goes on.

Rule 4: Just because you have more space, does NOT mean you need to fill it back up.

By now, your apartment is squeaky clean! It’s time to reorganize. Since you have more space in closets and drawers, you can now move around items that you use constantly to be more efficient. Organization is key to having a healthy, clean home. When you are in a more organized space without clutter on tables or in drawers you naturally feel stress-free and more productive in your day to day.

At end of every season you should have this routine! This creates an environment for an orderly and tidy apartment, painlessly! After you declutter, deep clean, and organize; you can now get ready for the upcoming season with any decorations, plants, or clothes you have. You will be ready to go for the next season without effort!

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