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New 2020 Décor Vision

Sherwin Williams has recently released their 2020 new paint colors. Interior design trends are typically based around paint colors. Sherwin Williams, one of the leading paint company’s, released 45 new colors. These new colors are divided in five different categories:  Alive , Mantra, Play, Haven, and Heart. Even though they are different categories, they all have one particular theme: Earth, Nature, Organic and Fresh.

So how do you choose what theme to go with for your apartment? Each category is similar but that does not mean you can have all the themes in your home at once without it looking like a hodgepodge of a home. Each category has a personal quality that you can take from to make you décor your very own.


The Alive category is summed up by earthy, jewel tones with a touch of southwestern feel.   Brings rejuvenation and optimism to your space.


Mantra is the color trend that is starting to convert colors from cool back to warm with natural materials and a balance of symmetry. Minimalism doesn’t mean boring, it means simplicity, while also being very versatile.


The play category is exactly what it sounds like. Fun! Bright and Bold; vibrant colors are coming. Colors evoke emotions, bright colors naturally make the brain release happy hormones creating an overall happier healthier self.


This trend is inspired from nature to its core of organics. Haven, also known as the naturalist palette has the theme of having accents of organic elements throughout. You will see colors like warm browns, sand, sky blues, and forest greens.


Heart is derived from humanity. In the last decade our cultures are changing. Change can be difficult to most. Heart brings in the silky neutral tones that resemble comfort and meditation.

With the new color themes for 2020 we can sum up that our future is turning over to earth tones. If you see the color in your environment, you most likely going to start to see it in home décor and interior accessories.   Incorporate accents with these new warm neutrals to give your apartment and décor an updated look!

Most apartments allow wall painting as long as the walls are restored to their original color upon move out.   Check with your Landlord for permission, fees, and what is allowed.

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