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How to Keep your Apartment Cool with Temperatures on the Rise

Summer is right around the corner which means the outdoor temperatures are on the rise. With all of the sunshine and warm air, buildings tend to absorb the heat and get warm really quickly. In order to avoid an uncomfortably warm apartment, here are some easy tips to follow to ensure your apartment stays cool during the summer.

Keep all of the Blinds Closed

When the blinds are left open, a lot of unwanted heat gets through the windows. By closing your blinds, it limits the amount of sunlight that gets into your apartment keeping your house cooler. Sunlight carries a large amount of heat. By blocking the sunlight with blinds, shades, and curtains, it is estimated that you can save around 10-15 percent on your cooling costs.

Get Blackout Curtains

Purchasing blackout curtains can help to reduce heat gain up to 33 percent. Blackout curtains block out the sunlight and naturally insulate the rooms in which they are used.

Open your Doors

Keep air flowing naturally through the apartment by leaving doors to unused rooms shut and all of the others open. A closed door stops the cooling breeze or draft very quickly. Allowing the air in your apartment to circulate naturally, it will automatically feel cooler.

Be sure your Ceiling Fans are moving Counter-Clockwise

A great tip that is not known by many apartment owners is to set your ceiling fan for the seasons. In the summer, set it at a higher speed and for a counter-clockwise rotation to produce a cool breeze that will keep you and your apartment feeling cool.

Ice-Cold Fan Hack

Take a large bowl and fill it with ice or some ice packs and put it right in front of a fan. As the fan blows across the ice, it is creating cooler air. This is a DIY air conditioner that is guaranteed to cool you down.

Change your Linens

Be sure that your sheets, pillowcases, comforter, and pajamas are summer friendly. Flannel and fleece are definitely not going to keep you cool in warm temperatures. Instead use cottons and other lightweight material that gives your body the opportunity to breathe easier and stay cooler.

An interesting but helpful tip is to change out your sheets for a bamboo mat. They are cooler than cotton sheets and there are some available that are made for sleeping on.

Take Advantage of Night Temperatures

If there is a perfect time for cooling your apartment, it would be during the nighttime. The temperature usually falls in the evening so this is the best opportunity to set up some fans near your windows to suck in that cooler air.

Focus on Cooling Yourself Down

Even if your apartment seems to be warmer than you would like it to be, there are still many ways you can keep yourself as chilled as possible. Wearing lighter clothing and using a cold washcloth in areas such as your head and neck will for sure cool you down.

Taking a cool shower or bath can also be very refreshing and lowers your body temperature. It is important to keep drinking ice cold fluids in order to stay hydrated and cool.

Happy summer and stay cool!

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