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Types of Plants to Grow on your Balcony/Patio

Now that spring is here and it is starting to get warmer, it is time to think about how to liven up your balcony or patio. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add plants to the area. There are many different types of plants that will grow nicely on your balcony or patio. Here are some tips on what plants to look for to fit your needs.

Best Plants for Balconies/Patios in the Sun

If your balcony/patio faces the sun, there are three great plants to consider that tolerate the sun well and brighten up the area. The three plants are Lantana, Wave Petunias, and Autumn Joy Sedum.


Lantana is a great option because according to plant experts they are a sun lover. They are easy to take care of and are drought tolerant. Lantanas are great for any hot spot and come in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, lavender, and white.

These plants also look great planted around a larger statement plant such as a large pot with a dwarf Alberta Spruce in the middle. Lantanas spread out once they are planted and give a beautiful pop to any arrangement.

Wave Petunias

Wave Petunias are often preferred over regular petunias because they last into early fall. Standard petunias often tend to get “leggy” midway through the summer. A great advantage for using Wave Petunias is that they grow immensely in the sun and do not need to be dead headed.

This means they are lower maintenance than standard petunias. Wave Petunias come in a variety of colors including pink, lavender, and blue velvet to name a few.

Autumn Joy Sedum

The most durable, sun loving plant is the perennial, Autumn Joy Sedum. This plant is basically indestructible meaning they will not freeze or get too hot. They come in pink and red and change colors to become a more coppery color in the fall. They are definitely a great choice for a balcony/patio.

Best Plants for Balconies/Patios in the Shade

If your balcony/patio is in the shade, there are three great plants to consider that do not need as much sun but still brighten up the area. The three plants are Ferns, Coleus, and Begonias.


Purchasing a fern for your balcony/patio is a wonderful idea. They are excellent shade plants. If you have an area that no sun reaches, a Boston fern is the best option because it is great in the shade. If there is opportunity for a little sun, then the Kimberly Queen fern would be the better choice because it can tolerate a little amount of sun.


Coleus are a great choice for an area that is in the shade most of the time. They are a hardy plant that provides color through its leaves and can stand alone or be mixed in with other plants. These are great to pot around trees and or other green plants because coleuses are so colorful.


Begonias work well for spots in the shade. They are also very colorful and will brighten up any area. Begonias are low maintenance and require less water than other plants. Overall they are a wonderful choice for your balcony/patio.

Summer is right around the corner. In order to make sure your plants look nice throughout the summer be sure to plant them in good soil, water them, and fertilize them. Happy planting!

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