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Important Safety Tips For Luxury Apartment Living

If you're living in a luxury apartment, there are some important fire safety tips that you should keep in mind, especially during the holiday's when people might be using highly flammable decorating materials or plugging in extra lighting to show off displays. A fire can spread rapidly within minutes so be prepared at all times. These tips can save your life so keep them in mind at all times. 

Start In Your Own Apartment

Follow all safety tips in your own apartment. Don't run electrical cords underneath rugs. Check that you're always using the right wattage cords for your items that are plugged in.

If you're using space heaters, make sure they are the newer models that have a tip over control to shut them off automatically. Also, never use space heaters when you're not at home or when you're sleeping. Keep heated items such as space heaters away from flammable furnishings like furniture and draperies, and unplug them when you're not using them.

Ensure that your apartment unit has working smoke detectors and check the batteries at least every six months. Know all of the escape routes from your personal apartment unit. If there is a common room, such as a clubhouse, meeting area, or exercise room, make sure that you know how to safely exit those areas as well.

Stay Calm

If smoke alarms are going off in your building, remain calm. Don't just panic and run out of your apartment without first checking to see if your exit route is blocked by fire or smoke. Feel the door. If it's hot, your exit route is likely to be blocked. Be very cautious when opening the door, and be ready to close it quickly if necessary. Call emergency and tell them your apartment number and let them know you can't escape so that they can relay this to first responders.

If you can't exit your apartment safely, place wet towels at the bottoms of your exit doors to help prevent the fire from coming in. If you can hear first responders yell to them loudly so that they know you're there. Go to a window and signal with your voice, a flashlight, or bright colored piece of fabric until you're sure you've been noticed.

If you decide it's safe to leave your apartment, don't use the elevator as it can break down and you may be stranded, or you may be tying up the elevator for first responders to use. Use the stairwell and exit the facility as soon as is safely possible. Be sure to take your apartment key with you in case your exit is blocked with a locked door somewhere along the line.


If first responders are in the building and telling people to stay or leave, be sure to follow their instructions. They already know where the fire is and the odds of your getting out safely. If they escort you out, go with them peacefully.

Following these tips can save your life. Be sure that you know your apartment building well, know all the exits, and how many stairs are between floors as well as how many doors your apartment is from each exit. This information can help even if you cannot see clearly.

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