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The Milwaukee County Zoo

Located just outside of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (and less than a 10-minute drive from Serafino Square Apartments) the Milwaukee County Zoo represents one of the most sizable collections of zoo animals across the entire Midwest.

With more than two thousand animals representing in excess of three hundred separate species from locations across the planet, this zoo may not be the biggest, but it is certainly a fascinating place to examine a wide range of animals.

Many of these animals are endangered species as well. The Milwaukee County Zoo takes part in a number of conservation efforts intended to keep these threatened species alive and part of the planet's heritage, despite the onset of human activity in their native environments.

Of course, these efforts are fully accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, as well as the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The Milwaukee County Zoo is also a partner with the Milwaukee county government, and works with the local government to cooperate in various local enrichment efforts, whether it's the much anticipated field trip to the zoo for school children or an effort to bring in tourists to the area.

Built with conservation and education in mind, the zoo offers a number of classes and special offers for students, particularly school children.

Though Milwaukee county residents receive discounts on tickets, access to the zoo is fairly reasonably priced, rarely going over $15 for a day's pass.

Children, seniors, and families can often receive discounts on these tickets as well, making it a more viable option for the young and the old who wish to see the wonders of the natural world for a day.

Though not all animals are available for viewing at all times (for reasons ranging from seasonal issues that require animals from warmer climates spend the cold season indoors to veterinary procedures being done for the occasional birth of a new animal), most of the zoo's animals are available for viewing in their habitats nearly any time of the year.

Though small for a major zoo, it none the less boasts a number of fascinating animal exhibits...

Among these are two species of great apes, the western lowland gorilla and the bonobo (also known as the pygmy chimpanzee). These apes are among humanity's closest relatives, yet are far more sedate and less intense than the chimpanzee, making them easier to deal with for zoo keepers.

A handful of these animals have even given birth over the years, always momentous occasions at the zoo.

The zoo boasts a wide range of big cats, such as the North American jaguar and the Asian Amur Tiger.

The zoo also hosts a number of elephants, and takes part in efforts to stamp out the illicit ivory trade to help preserve these animals animals further.

In addition, the zoo hosts a number of special events where people can enjoy the zoo in addition to other activities. Some of these include beer tasting, Halloween parties, and the ever popular Zoo a la Carte.

What you read here might be interesting, but the best way to experience the Milwaukee County Zoo is, of course, to simply go visit.

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